About Us

MATT-LOCKS-USA has become recognized in the industry as a leader in the development, design, manufacture and distribution, of innovative, high quality storm grate locks. We are a family-owned company supplying locking solutions for the world’s infrastructure. Our goal is to sell storm grate locks to all cities and municipalities in North America. Offering an interactive web site with E-Commerce and shipping with three different carriers. Hosting seminars and technical demonstrations, Communicating new product innovations and additions to product lines,  providing onsite assistance and customer service from conception to installation. Delivering and selling products quickly and smoothly nationwide, in ways that are smarter, greener, and safer than ever before.

Our Philosophy is to bring, to the industry, new tools specifically designed to combat the increasing theft and vandalism of stormwater grates.

It is Our Passion to protect public health and minimize costs to the utility by offering the best grate lock in the industry, at the best price.

Our Vision is to expand and market our product line to ensure that every grate is safe and secure from vandalism.